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Laughing Matter: Batman vs. The Joker

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batmanvsthejoker(lm)t.jpg Laughing Matter: Batman vs. The Joker : 076930706886 Price: $34.99
A hero of mystery, Batman leads a double life, his true identity of Wayne Enterprises CEO, Bruce Wayne hidden behind the Caped Crusader's cowl. Ever on the alert for his archenemy's evil pranks, Batman uses his years of experience, training, and an arsenal of crime-fighting technology to throw The Joker's tricks and traps back on their smirking creator. The most demented and evil of all Batman's foes, The Joker is Gotham City's clown prince of crime, and he cannot abide the public acclaim won by the heroic exploits of his sworn enemy. Rotten to the core, The Joker uses his sinister charm to hold sway over Harley Quinn - drawing out her darker side and making her an able accomplice in his quest to ruin Batman forever. Batman comes with firing projectile launcher and The Joker comes with dynamite bundle and pistol. 5" scale.