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War Machine vs. Mega Man

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warmachinevsmegaman(t).jpg War Machine vs. Mega Man : 035112482482 Price: $124.99
Invented by millionaire industrialist Tony Stark, the War Machine Armor, also known as V.T.R.B.S. (Variable Threat Response Battle Suit), is worn by Stark's close friend and confidant James "Rhodey" Rhodes. The suit earned the name of War Machine because it is equipped with enough fire power to wage a large-scale war. The War Machine Armor is without question one of the most perfectly designed machines ever assembled.

Dr. Light, a brilliant robotics scientist who had no son of his own, created a robot boy named Rock. But when his evil nemesis stole the technical data and robot blueprints and created his own army of evil robots, Dr. Light reprogrammed his "son" into Mega Man, the powerful defender with the heart of a boy in an indestructible robot body. In addition to his constant optimism and steel-willed determination, Mega Man's robotic armor has built-in hidden weapons and in times of trouble, Mega Man can power-up with armor attachments to become the mighty hyper Mega Man! But is Mega Man a friend or foe? Circuitry will be tested as these men of metal test their mettle against each other in a titanic clash of technology. War Machine features twin proton cannon projectiles, while Mega Man features clip-on hyper Mega Man armor.