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Cad Bane's Escape Battle Pack (The Clone Wars)

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cadbanesescape-t.jpg Cad Bane's Escape Battle Pack (The Clone Wars) : 653569639046 Price: $42.99
Anakin, Ahsoka and Cad Bane escape a Separatist frigate moments before it explodes. The Jedi boarded the ship to retrieve a Jedi holocron and memory crystal stolen by Bane, but their mission fails. As the ship crumbles, Bane hides his identity under a stolen clone trooper uniform so he can escape with the Jedi. The skies are no limit for this intergalactic battle! Your ANAKIN SKYWALKER figure is well-armed - but the pressure is on him to retrieve the stolen items - and time is running out. Whether you take on the role of ANAKIN, AHSOKA, or the elusive CAD BANE, you are sure to feel the heat of battle as you duel your way out of the ill-fated ship. Comes with 3.75" tall ANAKIN SKYWALKER, AHSOKA and CAD BANE action figures and accessories, 3 dueling cards, 3 battle bases and game die.