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salvage-t.jpg Salvage Price: $24.99
Another of the new AUTOBOTS brought to life by the final, energetic bursts from the AllSpark, SALVAGE doesnít really have a lot of ambition. Before being brought to life, he worked with Sparkplug & Son Salvage, and heís pretty sure he was happy then. Heís certain heís happy now, with a load of scrap in the back, and Sparkplugís hands in their accustomed place on his worn old steering wheel. Itís a simple life, but itís one he prefers to hunting DECEPTICONS and fighting all the time.

Bold red-and-gold colors bring out the detail in this SALVAGE figureís robot mode. In vehicle mode, heís one slick-looking truck. Ready to roll out against the enemy? Change this AUTOBOT warrior from truck mode to robot mode and the bed cover converts to a crusher claw!