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15" Electronic Voice Command R2-D2 - Reviews

15" Electronic Voice Command R2-D2

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15inchr2d2(t).jpg 15" Electronic Voice Command R2-D2 Price: $324.99
Advanced dual microprocessor design. Responds to over 40 commands. Navigates, patrols and finds you on its own. Interactive game playing capability. Full-alert room sentry alarm. Memory archives of past experiences with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters. Includes light beam, utility arm, and special "secret" features. Features include sonar navigational system, adaptable droid mood status indicator, infra-red location sensors, sound processing microphones, voice recognition response module, intergalactic beverage holder & utility arm, sensorscope, sleek rotating dome, illuminatng light beam, cargo hold, wheel lock control and motorized indoor-terrain treads!