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Human Torch and Spider-Man 2-Pack (K-Mart Exclusive) - Reviews

Human Torch and Spider-Man 2-Pack (K-Mart Exclusive)

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humantorchandwebracingspiderman-kmart-t.jpg Human Torch and Spider-Man 2-Pack (K-Mart Exclusive) : 035112455226 Price: $34.99
Once teenage rivals, the wall-crawling Spider-Man and the fiery Human Torch are now the staunchest of allies in the battle against evil! The Torch's blazing power makes him lighter than air, giving him the ability to rocket along at subsonic speeds--while Spidey follows as best he can, on web-lines composed of his own secret formula!

Human Torch features flame-on-glow-in-the-dark power. Spider-Man features web racing action.