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12" German Officer

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12inchgermaofficer-t.jpg 12" German Officer : 653569322207 Price: $64.99
This officer served his commanders just outside of Salzburg, in a castle where the Germans imprisoned Indy’s father as they hatched plans to capture the Holy Grail. When Indy crashed through a window to rescue Henry Jones, this officer broke into the room with one goal in mind: recovering the lost Grail diary. Despite his efforts, Indy overpowered the officer, using his own machine gun to eliminate him and two of his men.

Embark on your own thrilling Indiana Jones adventures with this German officer action figure. Keep enemies on guard with a pistol and realistic rifle accessories. A holster on the officer’s belt keeps the pistol at his fingertips! Pose the weapons in his hands or stow his gear in his messenger bag.

Action figure comes with uniform with hat, pair of boots, messenger bag, belt with holster, binoculars, rifle and pistol.