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The Joker (DC Universe, Legacy Edition)

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thejoker-dcu-legacy-t.jpg The Joker (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) : 746775034153 Price: $44.99
Armed with a deck of razor-sharp playing cards and his maniacal hammer, The Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis, terrorizing the people of Gotham City. The iconic villain made his debut with the first issue of Batman, announcing his arrival by taking on Gotham's criminals and declaring his intention to kill three of the city's most prominent citizens. Each subsequent victim was found with a bone-chilling grin across his face. And it was up to Batman and Robin to capture the murderous maniac and restore some semblance of order to their fine city - something they have been trying to do ever since!

6.5" scale Joker includes display base and comic book poster.