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Captain America Battlefield (03)

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captainamericabattlefield-t.jpg Captain America Battlefield (03) : 653569583806 Price: $34.99
Captain America is the ultimate soldier, created to inspire confidence in his allies and fear in his enemies. He is fearless in battle, charging headlong into the thickest part of a fight. Protected by his indestructible shield and fighting skills enhanced by a secret serum, he is the Allies unstoppable secret weapon against the evil sweeping Europe. Patriotic and powerful, your Battlefield Captain America figure is ready to take on whatever evil forces come his way! Help your fierce fighter wield his shield and weapons against his enemies, defend him from attacks and strike back with speed and power. Even when you're surrounded, you and your Battlefield Captain America figure can battle your way to victory! Figure comes with shield and weapons. 3.75" scale.