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Kraven The Hunter (Marvel Universe, series 4, 008) - Reviews

Kraven The Hunter (Marvel Universe, series 4, 008)

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kraventhehunter-mu-t.jpg Kraven The Hunter (Marvel Universe, series 4, 008) : 653569665731 Price: $39.99
KRAVEN THE HUNTER views the world as two distinct groups: the hunters and the prey. And it is he who is at the very top of the food chain. Only SPIDER-MAN has the wit and wherewithal to challenge his cunning. SPIDER-MAN has become this hunter's ultimate prey. KRAVEN THE HUNTER will not rest until the wily web-slinger is caught, captured…defeated. Bring a truly evil nemesis into your crime-fighting adventures with this incredible KRAVEN THE HUNTER figure! He's detailed to look just like the enemy of SPIDER-MAN and he's ready to take on whatever you throw at him! Get a collectible comic shot along with your KRAVEN THE HUNTER figure. He's one tough villain, so send him into battle after battle against your SPIDER-MAN figure (sold separately)! 4" tall figure comes with collectible comic shot.