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Crime Syndicate of Amerika 5-Pack (DC Universe, Walmart Exclusive) - Reviews

Crime Syndicate of Amerika 5-Pack (DC Universe, Walmart Exclusive)

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crimesyndicateofamerika-t.jpg Crime Syndicate of Amerika 5-Pack (DC Universe, Walmart Exclusive) : 027084957099 Price: $159.99
The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is comprised of five villainous analogues of Justice League Heroes who live in a world where corruption and mayhem rule.

Includes 6" - 6.5" versions of:

Superwoman is the evil opposite of Wonder Woman, but takes the name of Lois Lane in her human disguise. Her powers are similar to Wonder Woman's, but she also has heat vision and her lasso not only forces others to tell the truth - they readily confess embarrassing secrets. Also Superwoman is a ruthless seductress bent on getting her way. Married to Ultraman, she is having an illicit affair with Owlman.

Owlman, the evil opposite of Batman, was actually born Thomas Wayne, Jr., the older brother to Bruce Wayne. When his mother and brother were killed (for which he blames his father), Owlman left home and entered a life of crime. Not even loyal to his own syndicate, he is having an affair with Superwoman and blackmailing Ultraman. Using technology and his fighting skills, Owlman is a dark criminal focused on creating mayhem.

Ultraman, leader of the Crime Syndicate and evil opposite of Superman, has similar powers to the Man of Steel; however, he is not a son of Krypton. Born human, Clark Kent was a deep space astronaut who imploded into hyperspace. An alien gave him a superhuman body, with a twisted mind, and sent him back home. Ultraman is a megalomaniac and uses his extraordinary powers for evil.

Johnny Quick:
Johnny Quick is the evil opposite of The Flash. Unlike The Flash, who gained powers by absorbing supercharged fluids, Johnny Quick uses "Speed Juice" and an enhancement helmet to give him super speed. Without regular doses, he loses his powers completely. However, the world's leaders supply him with plenty, making sure that Johnny Quick remains a superfast, evil maniac.

Power Ring:
Power Ring is the evil opposite of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. A Tibetan Monk named Volthoom offered him a mystical ring and power battery capable of great power. but the ring came with a curse. Despite the warning, he accepted it and was possessed by the spirit of Volthoom. A coward, Power Ring uses the ring's incredible power to cause chaos and destruction.