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Spawn The Bloodaxe and Thunderhoof

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spawnthebloodaxeandthunderhoof(t).jpg Spawn The Bloodaxe and Thunderhoof Price: $149.99
Thunderhoof is a powerful and brutal steed with the unique ability to bridge the bottomless stretch of time and space between the lands of the living and the dead. Thr horse is currently restrained in a cage made of human bones in the throne room of the Realm of the Dead. Thunderhoof wears a saddle, but no man has ever ridden him. Until Spawn the Bloodaxe. Did the noble stallion recognize some basic similarity between itself and the disfigured Bloodaxe? An essential nobility of two creatures trapped in horrific circumstances, betrayed, but not beaten? Would Thunderhoof be able to carry this warrior across the unspeakable gulf between the Realm of the Dead and the Land of the Living? Features Spawn that dismounts to stand on his own.