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Star Wars: Republic Commando (Delta Squad)

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deltasquad-tru-t.jpg Star Wars: Republic Commando (Delta Squad) : 653569656777 Price: $214.99
Delta Squad is a specialized group of highly trained clone troopers who fight the battle droid army during the Clone Wars in Star Wars: Republic Commando video game. Clone trooper Boss is the taciturn leader of Delta Squad. Clone trooper Scorch is the wisecracking demolitions expert. The squad's hunter and marksman is clone trooper Sev. Clone trooper Fixer supports the team as a technical expert and computer hacker.

Includes 3.75" tall versions of Geonosian Warrior, Republic Commando Boss, Republic Commando Fixer, Republic Commando Scorch and Republic Commando Sev.

A Toys R Us Exclusive.