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Tower of Omens

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towerofomens-t.jpg Tower of Omens : 045557331023 Price: $86.99 On Sale! $34.99
The Tower of Omens features an exclusive 4" transparent figure of Tygra, which has embedded magnet, called ThunderLynx. Place the figure in front of the main gate (head of cat), to unlock main gate doors.

Place Tygra (or any 4" figure) in elevator and raise him up, which will open up the top of the Tower and will activate lights and sounds.

The Tower of Omens includes: Cat Entrance Gate, Catapult, Tower with elevator and slide and mini ThunderCats vehicle. Assembly required.

ThunderCats vehicle When figures are placed inside the cockpit, the ThunderLynx feature will activate a spinning ThunderCat head. Push onto missile to launch forward.

All 4" figures can play and interact with the Tower of Omens, unlocking amazing features.