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Black Costume Spider-Man (Classics)

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blackcostumespiderman(classic)t.jpg Black Costume Spider-Man (Classics) Price: $114.99
"Spider-Man found a wondrous new black costume while fighting en epic battle called the Secret Wars. The costume could respond to his thoughts, take on the appearane of any type of clothing and even produce its own webbing. The web slinger wore this sleek black costume until he discovered that it was really an alien symbiote that was trying to permanently bond with him. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four used a sonic blaster to sever the symbiote's connection with the web slinger and trapped it in a special container. Spidey wore a regular fabric verion of this black costume until he had an confrontation with the escaped symbiote and its new host, Eddie Brock. Together they called themselves Venom. After narrowly defeating Venom, Spider-Man went back to wearing his traditional red and blue costume, so he wouldn't be reminded of his greatest enemy. 6"" Spider-Man with 30 points of articulation, collector wall mountable display stand and a 32 page comic book!"