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The Danger of Dreadknight 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) - Reviews

The Danger of Dreadknight 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad)

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thedangerofdreadknight-shs-t.jpg The Danger of Dreadknight 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) : 653569346852 Price: $74.99
"The mystical master known as Zhang Tong and the technological terror of the Dreadknight have teamed up to take the Iron Avenger down! Against the magical power of Zhang Tong, the only hope Iron Man has is the sneakiness of his stealth armor, while the power of the Dreadknight can only be matched by the high-flying might of his traditional armor!

These fun, collectible figures are ready for to stage an imaginative battle! Four-pack includes Dreadknight, Zhang Tong, Stealth Armor Iron Man and Iron Man figures."