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Clone Commander Cody (BD44, with YVH-1 part) - Reviews

Clone Commander Cody (BD44, with YVH-1 part)

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clonecommandercody-bd44-t.jpg Clone Commander Cody (BD44, with YVH-1 part) Price: $34.99
Clone Commander Cody receives a hologram from Chancellor Palpatine telling the commander to execute Order 66. Cody immediately orders clone troopers to fire upon Obi-Wan Kenobi, which sends the Jedi hurtling into one of the sinkholes on Utapau.

Prepare for out-of-this-world excitement with this detailed and articulated Clone Commander Cody figure. Armed with his blaster accessory, your determined warrior is ready to fight through even the toughest battles you set up for him! This awesome action figure even comes with one Droid Factory part. Collect all of the figures (each sold separately) and their included Droid Factory parts to build your very own YVH-1 figure!

Figure comes with a blaster and other accessories and includes one Droid Factory part BD 44.