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Robo-Vision Optimus Prime

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robovisionoptimusprime-t.jpg Robo-Vision Optimus Prime Price: $53.99
Blazing down to Earth’s surface from outer space comes OPTIMUS PRIME. His protoform mode is ideal for covering the vast distances between stars, and armored to survive the catastrophic descent through a planetary atmosphere. When he arrives, however, his first task is to find an appropriate disguise in which to conduct his search for the Allspark. As his scanning beam sweeps over nearby objects, he sees the world in the deep red that tells him his targeting and scanning systems are active. Then, his gaze settles upon the coolest thing he has ever seen. Yes, this will be his disguise on Earth.

Get ready to rule the universe with this awesome OPTIMUS PRIME figure that features a limited-edition supermetal finish and AUTOMORPH Technology! This TRANSFORMERS technology is designed to help make conversion faster and easier. Moving one part of the robot or vehicle causes other parts to move, making armor plates and weapons shift automatically. This figure also has double-missile firing rifles in robot mode and smokestacks that convert to cannons in truck mode.