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Deadpool with missile cannon (X-Men Origins) - Reviews

Deadpool with missile cannon (X-Men Origins)

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deadpoolwithmissilecannon-xmo-t.jpg Deadpool with missile cannon (X-Men Origins) : 653569375784 Price: $99.99
Only a guy as crazy as Deadpool would even think to bring a weapon like this to a fight. Itís in his nature to escalate things. If his opponent pulls out a knife, he pulls out a sword. When he sees someone draw a pistol, he somehow gets his hands on a howitzer. And if the guy heís fighting has a missile launcher, well, so does he, but his fires two missiles.

Prepare for double-barreled adventure with this detailed Deadpool figure and missile cannon accessory. Set this villain up to fight against X-Men heroes and see if his launcherís double blasting action is enough to help him win the fight!

Figure comes with missile cannon accessory.