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Catman (DC Universe, Legacy Edition)

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catman-dcu-le-t.jpg Catman (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) : 746775034146 Price: $31.99 On Sale! $24.99
When the thrill of big game hunting becomes too boring, one-time millionaire and spendthrift Thomas Blake takes to a life of crime. He uses his skills as a hunter and tracker to become a notorious burglar, known early on for lifting valuable art and jewels. Wearing a cat-costume made from an ancient cloth believed to grant its wearer nine lives, Catman carries an array of weapons on a utility belt - similar to his heroic foil and inspiration, Batman. Later, Catman becomes a member of the amoral villainous unit known as Secret Six, taking part in a variety of dastardly crimes.

6.5" tall Catman includes comic book poster and display base.