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12" Smashin Stompin Hulk - Reviews

12" Smashin Stompin Hulk

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smashinstompinhulk-t.jpg 12" Smashin Stompin Hulk Price: $199.99
The Incredible Hulk is here! Tank shells bounce off his skin, and the sonic cannons of the Hulkbusters barely make his ears ring. His mighty hands tear through steel armor like paper, and a single blow from his fist can flatten a garbage truck! He's a one-monster, gamma-powered wrecking crew, and nothing can stop him!

Based on the feisty green giant, this action-packed figure is ready to smash and stomp its way into your collection. Squeeze his bulging green legs together for a Hulk smashing-fist attack, smashing and roaring sounds, glowing eyes and fun Hulk phrases, like "You're making me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry!" If you're not ready for an all-out smash attack, simply press the Hulk's stomach for Hulk phrases and roaring only. Complete with vein-popping muscles and torn shorts deco, this impressive figure is sure to be the meanest and greenest figure in your collection!

Includes 3 "AAA" batteries.