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Snake Eyes Ninja Commando (The Rise of Cobra)

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snakeeyes-troc-t.jpg Snake Eyes Ninja Commando (The Rise of Cobra) : 653569385028 Price: $29.99
SNAKE EYES is a ninja master and military commando who trains the G.I. JOE Team in hand-to-hand combat. He received martial arts training in the ARASHIKAGE Clan, and is the enemy of COBRA Ninja STORM SHADOW. Silent and mysterious, this skilled Ninja wears a visor that conceals his face, and is so secret that all his information is classified.

“Train” in hand-to-hand combat with this ninja master SNAKE EYES figure, and prepare for special missions to rid the world of evil forces. Action figure comes with his preferred weapon – a “hand-forged-steel” heirloom Katana sword – and other mission-specific armament and gear.