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Flint (Commando)

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flint-commando-t.jpg Flint (Commando) Price: $84.99
FLINT worked with many stealth forces before joining the G.I. JOE team. He leads espionage operations, while DUKE commands tactical missions. Like a cat hunting the night, he is silent and unseen, until he attacks with the full force of his impressive combat skills. He and SNAKE EYES make a perfect team: the knife that cuts the night, and the arrow that pierces the dark. His multi-weapon system can be configured in different ways, and the custom-made sword is this stealthy hunter’s formidable “claw.”

Articulated espionage-specialist action figure features super “gripping” KUNG-FU GRIP hands that hold weapons and gear, and “grab” on to enemies. This figure also comes with an impressive assortment of gear that includes a MAC-8 configurable weapon system and S-6 climbing gear with rappel equipment.