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Dreadnok Torch and Dreadnok Ripper (comic pack) - Reviews

Dreadnok Torch and Dreadnok Ripper (comic pack)

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dreadnoktorchanddreadnokripper-comicpack-t.jpg Dreadnok Torch and Dreadnok Ripper (comic pack) : 653569289388 Price: $34.99
"It’s been 25 years since the battle between GI JOE and COBRA began, and to celebrate the anniversary, GI JOE is reprinting the most memorable GI JOE comic books from the 1980s, complete with new cover art by Greg Horn, a cover artist whose work appears on comic books, video game magazines and other entertainment media.

In “Darkness” (comic #30), the DREADNOK biker gang, headed by ZARTAN, takes center stage for the first time, revealing their strengths (destruction and chaos) and weaknesses (impulsiveness and lack of intellect).

Add these two collectible figures to your collection! Includes DREADNOK TORCH and DREADNOK RIPPER figures and accessories, and “Darkness” comic number 30."