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Quinjet (Super Hero Squad)

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quinjet-t.jpg Quinjet (Super Hero Squad) : 653569516408 Price: $49.99
"Quinjet: The heroes' cosmic space cruiser!

Spider-Man: Webtastic crime fighter!

Iron Fist: Amazing kung-fu skills and super-powerful fists!

""Tear up the cosmos"" in search of evildoers with this slick-looking Quinjet ""space"" vehicle! Your Spider-Man and Iron Fist figures need to cover lots of ""air"" to track down all of their enemies, and this speedster is the perfect way to do it. Open the canopy to set your figures inside and ""steer"" the craft. When they've got the villains in their sights, launch the two ""bombs"" or deploy the detachable missile accessories. Bad guys don't stand a chance with you, your Spider-Man and Iron Fist figures, and this awesome vehicle chasing after them!

Vehicle comes with Spider-Man and Iron Fist figures."