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12" Colossus (Marvel Legends Icons)

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12inchcolossus-mli-t.jpg 12" Colossus (Marvel Legends Icons) : 653569253570 Price: $99.99 On Sale! $94.99
Piotr Rasputin was born to humble beginnings in a collective farm in the Soviet Union. His family, hounded into obscurity by their ancestry, raised him to believe fervently in the nobility of service and labor. For much of his young life, he expected never to be anything more than an uncommonly strong farmer, one of the millions contributing to the great Soviet dream.

Fate, however, had other plans. Upon being recruited into the X-Men, he found love and a greater purpose. With his powers and the help of his teammates, he realized he could move beyond merely helping to realize the potential of a single nation, but could elevate the whole of humanity. Since then he has worked tirelessly to secure a peaceful future for man and mutant alike.

Like the monument from which he takes his code name, Colossus stands unmoving as a bulwark against the mighty tides of history. Battling with equal dedication against those humans who would oppress mutants, and those who would eradicate humanity, he has proven himself a remarkable man and true hero.