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Goliath vs. Thor (Marvel Universe, Walmart Exclusive) - Reviews

Goliath vs. Thor (Marvel Universe, Walmart Exclusive)

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goliathvsthor-mu-t.jpg Goliath vs. Thor (Marvel Universe, Walmart Exclusive) : 653569540212 Price: $124.99
As an abandoned chemical plant burns around them, the first true battle of the Super Hero Civil War rages. This s more than a chance to stop the anti-Registration forces, however it is a test run for the secret weapon developed by Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Reed Richards. A cybernetic clone of the mighty Thor thunders into the midst of the battle, his lightning striking down at his foes. As the powerful being smashes into the melee with his hammer, Goliath moves through the surging battle, hoping to stop the carnage before it goes too far.

Includes 12" Goliath, 4.5" Thor and Civil War #4 comic book.