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Warrior Xena

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warriorxena(t).jpg Warrior Xena Price: $79.99
"Xane and Gabrielle must stop Gareth the giant from destroying the village of Laurel and the ruthless Warlord, Zagreus, from looting the village of Piedmon in the same day. With both villages headed for destruction, Xena and Gabrielle come up with a plan to try to save both villages. Xena sends a message to the Warlord that she won't get in his way if he will stay out of hers. Xena's message arouses the curious Warlord to come looking for her. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle redirect the giant's path to Laurel. Just as Xena planned, Zagreus' army crosses path with the giant and is defeated. Xena then defeats the giant. For Gabrielle and Xena, saving two villages from destruction is just ""A Day in the Life"". Features jumping attack action."