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Blowpipe vs. Sideways (Super Tuner Throwdown) - Reviews

Blowpipe vs. Sideways (Super Tuner Throwdown)

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blowpipevssideways-t.jpg Blowpipe vs. Sideways (Super Tuner Throwdown) : 653569449546 Price: $57.99
Blowpipe is obsessed with adapting Earth technology to work in his alien body. Endless tinkering, with help from Autobot Ratchet, has resulted in a remarkable fusion of technology, giving Blowpipe surprising strength, speed and firepower. It's just these advantages that give him the edge against his latest opponent - the Decepticon speedster Sideways. Though the evil robot thinks he can rely on his speed to escape, he's in for a surprise when he sees Blowpipe easily keeping up.

Blowpipe's bed cover converts to capture claw.