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Pelennor Fields 5 Piece Gift Pack

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pelennorfieldsgiftpack(t).jpg Pelennor Fields 5 Piece Gift Pack Price: $139.99
The name given to the green and fertile lands around the White City of Minas Tirith is the Pelennor Fields. In the War of the Ring, these pastures are trampled beneath the countless ironclad feet of the Orcs of Sauron's army when they invade Gondor. Where once food was grown for the people of Gondor, now a desperate and terrible battle is fought. Upon that ground, great machines of war lay siege to the city. Where once Men tilled the soil, now Fell Beasts of Mordor spill blood. Includes Soldier of The Dead, Legolas, exclusive Mumakil Rider, Gimli, and an exclusive Morannon Orc.