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GI JOE 25th Anniversary GI JOE 5-Pack - Reviews

GI JOE 25th Anniversary GI JOE 5-Pack

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gijoe25thanniversary-joeset-t.jpg GI JOE 25th Anniversary GI JOE 5-Pack Price: $54.99
For twenty-five years, the heroic GI JOE team has battled the evil COBRA forces with guns, guts and glory - and loyal fans like you have stood beside them every missile-firing step of the way. Your remarkable dedication to these courageous heroes and menacing villains has made GI JOE the unsurpassed icon of action and adventure that it is today. GI JOE has risen to the challenge for a quarter century, and will continue the fearless fight for years to come. YO JOE!

Celebrate 25 years of exciting GI JOE heroes with this five-pack of articulated action figures. Each figure comes with a weapon and a display base, making it easy to display and add to your collection! Show off your GI JOE allegiance with the light-up GI JOE sign! Includes DUKE, AGENT SCARLETT, SNAKE EYES and ROADBLOCK figures with weapons and display stands.

Includes 3 AAA batteries