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Challengers of The Night 2-Pack (Batman & Robin) - Reviews

Challengers of The Night 2-Pack (Batman & Robin)

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challengersofthenight-t.jpg Challengers of The Night 2-Pack (Batman & Robin) : 076281638782 Price: $74.99
"Gotham City becomes a very cold place when Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane triple team to plot the icy demise of Batman and Robin. The crimefighters respond immediately by using the Batcomputer deep with the Batcave to develop an array of cutting edge weapons that can be used in their battle against this multitude of fiendish foes. Discover the Secrets of the Batcave! -secret technology that gives Batman, Robin and Batgirl the ultimate ability to save Gotham City! Each are 5"" scale."