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Shield Bash Marvel's Odin

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shieldbashmarvelsodin-t.jpg Shield Bash Marvel's Odin : 653569569657 Price: $24.99
Odin is a fierce and powerful king, ruling Asgard with wisdom and defending its borders with legendary force. Behind every word he speaks lies the rumble of cosmic thunder, and in the hand that wields his sword lays the near boundless strength of the mighty Allfather. To challenge him is to immediately know defeat, for all of Asgard will rise to fight alongside him. Defeat the forces of evil wherever you and your Shield Bash Marvel's Odin figure find them. This brawny-looking warrior is already a force to be reckoned with, but he holds a hidden advantage: press the button and you'll reveal the "spikes" on his shield and sword accessories! The battles you and your mighty Marvel's Odin figure fight are sure to become "legendary." Figure is 3.75" scale and comes with weapon accessories.