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Apocalypse (Marvel Universe, series 3, 009)

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apocalypse-mu-009-t.jpg Apocalypse (Marvel Universe, series 3, 009) : 653569579106 Price: $39.99
Born thousands of years ago, APOCALYPSE is the first mutant, and there is every likelihood that he will live to be the last. His natural powers are vast, and are enhanced by the alien technology he has spent millennia bringing them under his control. No other villain has so shaped the course of the X-MEN, as he has tested them again and again to ensure that only the strongest survive. This mutant villain brings his formidable hostility to bear - wherever his misdeeds take him! Even simply posed in his stand, your hulking APOCALYPSE figure conveys a dark and determined presence. Pit him against your CABLE and CYCLOPS figures (each sold separately) and help determine who will be the last "man" standing. 4.5" scale.