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Daredevil & Bullseye (Marvel Universe)

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daredevilandbullseye-mu-t.jpg Daredevil & Bullseye (Marvel Universe) : 653569625346 Price: $44.99 On Sale! $34.99
"BULLSEYE challenges DAREDEVIL to an epic battle beneath the big top. The audience, taken hostage by masked henchmen, is forced to watch as the nimble hero faces the menacing BULLSEYE and his bizarre, improvised weapons! The stage is set - who will come out on top in this center ring battle? The only thing better than the comics that rock is having the figures to re-enact the best parts! This awesome Comic Pack not only has the amazing Daredevil # 132 issue, but the detailed BULLSEYE and DAREDEVIL figures to replay the epic battles within! Pack includes two 4"" tall figures, accessories and comic book."