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Web-Swamp Spidey (Web Force)

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webswampspiderman(t).jpg Web-Swamp Spidey (Web Force) : 035112475224 Price: $29.99
"When the Spider-Smash Lizard rears his ugly head, only Spider-Man can stop him. Following the trail of the mega-mutated Spider-Smash Lizard, Spider-Man heads for the swamps of the Everglades. Knowing that there won't be any buildings to swing from, Spidey brings along his specially designed web-swamp seeker armor. Giving Spider-Man all the speed and mobility in the swamp that he has in the city, the swamp armor keeps Spider-Man at his best. And he's going to need to be in top form, because the Spider-Smash Lizard is bigger and badder than ever!"