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Mekaneck (Classics)

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mekaneck-classics-t.jpg Mekaneck (Classics) : 746775086336 Price: $94.99
Optikk can spy with his little eye, but Orius can really go the distance! This member of the Heroic Warriors is more than willing to stick his neck out for a good cause, thanks to the nifty nanites that allow him to reach towering heights. This figure arrives with two fully-articulated, interchangeable neck segments, allowing for a total of three different lengths, as well as a war club and removable armor.

Mekaneck Bio

Real Name: Orius

Injured in the Battle of the Avion during the Great Unrest, Orius was brought by Duncan to Castle Grayskull where he was healed by the Sorceress. The magic spell replaced his neck with an ever-expanding mechanical construction made of microscopic nanites. By increasing or decreasing the number of nanites in his body, Orius gained the ability to grow his neck to almost unlimited length. Taking the code name Mekaneck, he served the royal household as a loyal member of the Masters of the Universe, using his amazing periscope neck to spy on the evil enemy.

6" tall.