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Daredevil (Classics with foil poster)

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daredevil-classics-foil-t.jpg Daredevil (Classics with foil poster) : 035112470939 Price: $59.99
Matt Murdock, known to most as the blind attorney sworn to uphold justice has a secret! The chemical accident that robbed him of his sight as a child also gave him a strange gift. While he could no longer see, his remaining senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing were heightened to a level that, using them together, gives him a kind of human sonar. Young Matt later met a blind martial arts master known as Stick, who taught him how to use his augmented senses and trained him as a fighter. Avenging the death of his father, the prizefighter "Battle Jack" Murdock, who once led an honest life but was gunned down by the mob for not throwing a fight. Murdock uses these skills together to fight crime under the guise of Daredevil, the man without fear!

6" Daredevil has 30 points of articulation a collector wall mountable display stand and a bonus custom mini foil poster!