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Dojo Training Snake Eyes (Commando)

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dojotrainingsnakeeyes-commando-t.jpg Dojo Training Snake Eyes (Commando) : 653569268376 Price: $79.99
SNAKE EYES has become one of the world’s greatest ninjas – and stays one – through constant practice. He trains with other ninjas at the ARASHIKAGE temple when he is not on a mission. He has also designed a device that helps him sharpen his skills when he practices by himself. The turning tower holds eight weapons at different heights, creating the experience of battling a group of ninjas. Slashing, striking, and spinning, SNAKE EYES moves with unerring accuracy and lightning speed.

Articulated Ninja Commando action figure is outfitted for pretend enemy infiltration! Figure comes with an ARASHIKAGE training tower that holds multiple weapons and spins around. To help master the tools of his trade, this SNAKE EYES figure also comes with multiple weapons. 8" scale.