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War Machine (Hall of Armor)

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warmachine-hallofarmor-t.jpg War Machine (Hall of Armor) : 653569503712 Price: $34.99
"This thrilling and detailed figure comes with a base that lights up for even more ""high-tech"" hero excitement. Base interlocks with other bases (sold separately). Piloted by Tony Stark’s best friend James Rhodes, the War Machine armor combines the power of Iron Man with the skills gained from a lifetime of military training. Rhodes is a crack pilot and soldier with years of combat experience. With him behind the mask, War Machine is an unstoppable force for justice. Shine the light of justice with this awesome War Machine figure. Featuring intricate details across his suit of armor, this ""metal-clad"" hero looks more than ready to fight the forces of evil. As he stands atop his light-up base, your figure takes a powerful stand against his enemies and a leading position in your collection.

War Machine measures 4"" tall."