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Battling The Brotherhood (Super Hero Squad)

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battlingthebrotherhood-shs-t.jpg Battling The Brotherhood (Super Hero Squad) : 653569387268 Price: $99.99
When the Blob plants his feet, nothing on Earth can force him to move. Luckily, the incredible strength of Colossus, the fighting skills of Wolverine, and the freezing ice blasts of Iceman are more than enough to bring him down.

Team up with these funky, chunky figures and create your own super-hero sized adventures right in your own living room! Small in stature but big on fun, these cool characters are sure to save the day from a boring afternoon. So get ready to do battle with the Super Hero Squad!

Four-pack of figures includes Wolverine, Colossus, Iceman and Blob figures. 2.5" scale.