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Spider-Smash Lizard

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spidersmashlizard(t).jpg Spider-Smash Lizard Price: $39.99
Dr. Curt Connors was a scientist driven to unlock the secrets behind the reptilian ability to regenerate lost limbs in order to re-grow his missing right arm. But when Connors fused Reptile DNA with his own, not only did he get his arm back, but he was transformed into the villainous Spider-Smash Lizard! Archenemy of the wall-crawling hero, Spider-Man, the Spider-Smash Lizard has created a powerful new weapon to use against him. Using his transforming swamp roller, the Spider-Smash Lizard hopes to flatten Spider-Man when he appears. A villain with the raw power of the reptile, the Spider-Smash Lizard is badder than ever!