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Rocky III 3-Pack

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rockyIII3pack-t.jpg Rocky III 3-Pack : 039897790220 Price: $84.99
Down on his luck, Rocky's brother-in-law Paulie got a second chance from Rocky himself, the king of the underdogs. As part of Rocky's inner circle, Paulie's there when Rocky takes a beating from Clubber Lang and again when Rocky trains for the rematch. But most importantly, he's in Rocky's corner when the moment of truth arrives.

Apollo Creed
Once Rocky's biggest rival and now his truest friend, former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed is determined to help Rocky get the title back after Rocky's gut-wrenching defeat to loud-mouthed Clubber Lang. Apollo knows how it feels to lose the will to fight. So, in addition to being Rocky's trainer, Apollo motivates him to reclaim the fighting spirit of a winner. The time has come.

Rocky Balboa
After suffering a crushing defeat to Clubber Lang followed by the death of his mentor and trainer Mickey, Rocky Balboa needed something extraordinary to pull him out of his slump. Along came Apollo Creed, who trained and inspired him. And now with the "Eye Of The Tiger" back in his fight, Rocky proudly wears the trunks worn by Apollo during the biggest fight of his life. Each are 6" tall.