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Absorbing Man (Marvel Universe, series 3, 024) - Reviews

Absorbing Man (Marvel Universe, series 3, 024)

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absorbingman-mu-t.jpg Absorbing Man (Marvel Universe, series 3, 024) : 653569638186 Price: $24.99
Unwittingly given superpowers by LOKI to battle THOR, ABSORBING MAN has never been afraid to face the mightiest heroes. Able to assume the properties of whatever he touches, he can harness the power of materials, energy and even weapons. No matter what form he takes, his criminal mind endures, allowing his body to reform even after heavy damage, making him almost indestructible. Get some major mutant action going with this ABSORBING MAN figure! He'll make a seriously powerful adversary for any enemy you send against him. Will his "absorbing" powers be enough to make him victorious? Whether you stand him up in your collection on his figure stand or send him into battle, he's the villain you've been looking for! 4.25" tall ABSORBING MAN Figure comes with stand.