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Batman & Robin 2-Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive variant) - Reviews

Batman & Robin 2-Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive variant)

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batmanandrobin-tru-variant-t.jpg Batman & Robin 2-Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive variant) : 027084560985 Price: $89.99
This iconic pose captures Batman and Robin (the Dynamic Duo) ready to face danger and strike fear into the hearts of the foes of Gotham City, the city they are sworn to protect.

The Caped Crusader mentors his legendary sidekick Robin in the skills of martial arts and crime-fighting.

Inspired by a timeless image that has been recreated by Batman artists throughout the years, this classic pose has now been brought to life through fully-articulated action figures, designed, sculpted and posed by passionate toy makers and comic book lovers.