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Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series III) - Reviews

Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series III)

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jla5pack-seriesIII-t.jpg Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series III) Price: $49.99

Martian Manhunter
The last survivor of his race and a founding member of the Justice League of America, Martian Manhunter possesses a staggering array of powers, including flight, super-strength, powerful vision, telepathy, super-speed, and the ability to completely alter his appearance.

The most powerful member of the Justice League of America, Superman is seen by his fellow heroes as the ultimate role model. While his powers may dwarf those of some JLA members, Superman is a true team player who appreciates the heroic qualities of those he fights beside.

A Guardian Angel in Heaven's Eagle Host for untold millennia, Zauriel renounced his immortality after falling in love with a mortal woman. Now, as a member of the JLA, Zauriel wields his flaming sword, angel wings and incredible strength in the pursuit of earthly justice.

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor was the most powerful man in Metropolis until the day Superman came to town. No longer the city's most prominent citizen, Luthor vowed to destroy Superman. He has since struck at the Man of Steel time and again, always acting through other villains, and never allowing himself to be implicated in any crime.

The Joker
Outrageous, ruthless and utterly unpredicatble, The Joker lives to make a mockery of Batman's quest for justice. Whether he's stewing in a cell at Arkham Asylum or walking the streets of Gotham City, his next deadly scheme is never far from his thoughts.

Each includes their own display stand.