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Iron Grenadier (Cobra Infantry)

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irongrenadier-kfg-t.jpg Iron Grenadier (Cobra Infantry) Price: $49.99
"These specially trained troopers are hand-picked by FIREFLY for their endurance, tenacity, and pure meanness. They won’t stop until they’ve captured their target. To capture someone they use stun grenades, which emit a chemical that makes the target temporarily unable to move. The immobilized person is restrained with a collar and cuffs that zap him with an electric jolt if he tries to remove them. Able to creep deep into GI JOE territory unnoticed, IRON GRENADIER troops are a silent and dangerous enemy.

Articulated elite trooper action figure features KUNG-FU GRIP hands and an impressive assortment of gear that includes a fuel-propelled irogren-5 grenade launcher weapon with optoelectric fire control, stun grenades to immobilize targets fro immediate capture and an X-3C capture spear with an extended catch/collar/cuff system to shackle captured targets with."