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Only In Jest: Batman vs. Harley Quinn - Reviews

Only In Jest: Batman vs. Harley Quinn

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batmanvsharleyquinn(t).jpg Only In Jest: Batman vs. Harley Quinn : 076930706879 Price: $44.99
In his ongoing war against evil, Batman has confronted criminals of every sort, from the cruelly calculating to the devilishly demented. But it will take more than a criminal frame-up conspiracy to distract the dark knight from fighting crime. Silent as a shadow, Batman delivers justice on his scheming foes, proving as always that crime is no laughing matter. Harlene Quinzelle was a respected criminal psychologist, until she tried to analyze The Joker, then an inmate at Arkham Asylum. Faced with the clown prince of crime's overwhelming madness, the doctor's fascination with her patient's malevolent mirth grew out of control and she fell under his evil influence - becoming Harley Quinn, The Joker's wisecracking enforcer and partner in crime. Batman features grappling hook and Harley Quinn features knockout punching glove and trick pistol.