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Hulk (Marvel Select, Avengers)

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hulk-ms-avengers-t.jpg Hulk (Marvel Select, Avengers) : 699788722985 Price: $49.99
When a scientific experiment involving the U.S. government's super-soldier program went wrong, scientist Bruce Banner was dosed with gamma radiation, triggering an uncontrollable physical transformation whenever he became stressed or angry. Growing in size and stature, Banner became the Hulk, a green-skinned behemoth who would lash out at whatever stood in his way. After years on the run from the U.S. military, learning to control his emotions and avoiding stressful situations, Banner was tracked down and recruited to the Avenger Initiative. Now he's their blunt instrument in the war to save humankind, as long as he can maintain his own humanity in the heat of combat.

9" tall.