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Tiger Force Leader (Code Name: Flint)

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tigerforceleader-codenameflint-t.jpg Tiger Force Leader (Code Name: Flint) Price: $24.99
FLINT was a Rhodes Scholar and earned his degree in English Lit. Bored by academia, he enlisted in the Army and applied the tenacity and concentration he had used so well scholastically to grind his way through Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces School and Flight Warrant Officers School, graduating with top honors. A thorough tactical planner, FLINT personally led a half dozen rescue missions in hostile territories that for reasons of security were never publicized. He is one of the leaders of the TIGER FORCE special assault group that goes behind enemy lines using captured enemy equipment.

Ready for combat complete with a weapon and accessories, this 25th anniversary TIGER FORCE leader action figure is ready to stand tall in your collection!

3.75" tall figure comes with weapons and accessories.